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VLM Airlines (Vlaamse Luchttransportmaatschappij) is een Belgische luchtvaartmaatschappij. VLM is in 100% eigendom van Air France-KLM dochter Cityjet. Ze voert vaste lijnvluchten uit naar hoofdzakelijk regionale luchthavens. Alle activiteiten worden ontplooid onder de naam Cityjet en de vloot is dan ook geheel uitgerust in de huisstijl van die maatschappij. VLM mikt voornamelijk op businesspassagiers die snel en efficiënt ter plaatse willen zijn.

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    My mother flies reguarlary from southampton to the continent, as we live in holland she has tried practically every route. She is now 84 and finds everything a bit more scary these days, to our amazement our young nephew found a flight from antwerp airport to southampton uk by VLM , the airport at antwerp is very small good parking, just wonderfull for her none of the big airports with miles to walk etc, the flight was on time, she could walk about two minutes to the plane, she was offered complimentary drinks food and chocolates, there was no charge for 23 kilos of bagage , the staff in both the airport and on the plane were wonderful she felt like royalty, well done VLM hope you keep this up we will all be using you more often, i would recomend this airline to anyone!!!

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    Staff, punctuality service and the price basically evertging

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