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About Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines has come a long way since our founding in 1972, evolving from a regional airline to one of the most respected travel brands around the world. We fly one of the youngest aircraft fleets in the world to destinations spanning a network spread over five continents, with our Singapore Girl as our internationally-recognisable icon providing the high standards of care and service that customers have come to expect of us.

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    Negatief service

    Wij betreuren het ten zeerste dat Singapore Airlines niets doet met gegronde klachten (8 personen) die worden ingediend bij aanvang van een terugvlucht van Bali via Singapore naar Amsterdam.
    Klachten zijn vóór aanvang van de vlucht aan het boordpersoneel doorgegeven. De purser aan boord heeft er in ons bijzijn notitie van gemaakt incl. handtekening, onder die voorwaarde dat hij de klachten zowel aan Singapore Airlines als aan Singapore airlines Nederland zou voorleggen en heeft ons verzekerd dat hier werk van wordt gemaakt.
    Tot op heden hebben wij nog steeds geen reactie hierop ontvangen. Dit is betreurenswaardig voor zo een goede luchtvaartmaatschappij. Dit zal ons er zeker van weerhouden om met Singapore Airlines wederom te gaan vliegen.

    Zwakke punten
    Nog steeds geen reactie ontvangen!!
    Daar hopen we wel op, anders wordt de aanbeveling naar vrienden en bekenden herzien vanaf onze kant.

    Bad SA experience.

    Bad SA experience.

    Flying with SA since 1989 I always was very fond of the company. My last experience however was very bad. It started by booking ?a Singapore Stopover and flying to Singapore on the 15th of march 2012(SQ323)
    Arriving at Changi the personal at the desk was very inpolied , not interested and lazy. More hanging on the phone than taking care of the customer. After a 12 hrs flight we had to wait for almost aan hour before someone could take us to our hotel.?
    Arriving there we had to wait again for some hours before we could enter our room. I have the opinion that a company that advertises a stopover, has to take care, that customers arriving at 5.55 in the morning, don't have to wait untill 11.00 before they can take a shower. (Carlton Hotel). Also the food arrangement was very poor. The transfer to the airport was very late, so we had to race to Changi (averige speed 90 to 100). I got up in the morning at 4.30 to be in time !!
    From hereon we flew on to Bali, to go on with our holidays.
    On our flight back (16th of april) it started all over again on the ?flight from Singapore to Amsterdam(SQ324).?
    I don't mind if a flight has a delay, wich it had, but take care to have ? big enough staff abord to service your guests. Again during the 12 hour flight during the night we almost did ?not see a cabin attendant. The plane was very hot and there were no drinks. To have a glas of water I had to go to the kitchen myself. The breakfast was very late and wen it arrived the choise was none. I had my breakfast at the Delifrace at Schiphol Airport.
    This is the worst ?experience with SA I ever had and I think I fly KLM next time.

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