Absolutely horrific

Absolutely horrific

Hi goodafternoon,

I would really appreciate it if for once someone would contact me. I have sent multiple emails, filled in complaint forms before and even messaged you on facebook and Instagram, but I never get any kind of response. As well I have tried to contact you via phone. I spend almost 250 euros trying to call them.

My boyfriend and I went from Amsterdam to Cancun and had a transfer in Lisbon. Arriving in Cancun our luggage was missing (both our luggage). I have like I said tried to call TAP many times but each times I was waiting for over 20 minutes. Or I was supposed to be transferred but they actually hung up on me. Sent messages on Facebook, Instagram, contactforms and email, but no response. Swissport was the only one who replied to me after 2 days. They found it back. But the way I was ignored by TAP really bothers me.

Also we tried to extend our holiday as the first two days we were not able to do anything because of the stress. We emailed, tried to call and filled in a form online. Again.. no response.

Then we had a text message our flight got delayed, with almost 8 hours.... So apparently they do have our details... why not call us back?

On our flight back we booked business class and went to the service counter of TAP. Also here they were unable to help us and told us we had to contact you via flytap.com/talk-to-us. So once more I will try....

During our flight the stewardess of the economy side, constantly bothered us. She was very aggressive towards us and extremely unkind. We told one of the stewards and asked for her name. He did not want to give it to us and went to speak with the lady, He told us she would come and speak with us. She actually did not come to talk with us, so we asked her for her name at the end of the flight ourselves. She did not want to give it.

We are so unhappy about the way we were treated and disrespected. No way of contacting you and the ignorance,

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Everything. Customer service is something they dont know. They delete the negative messages on their social media. They did with mine. Very unpleasant

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