Iberia Review - Iberia - worst customer service ever!

Iberia - Iberia - worst customer service ever!


More than 160 people killed in Nicaragua since end of April, all European contries issues negative travel advices to Nicaragua, yet Iberia not willing to even consider working out a solution for my flight end of June (change dates, reimburse, exchange for voucher, ...).
So don't believe Iberia when they state "Customer service is our commitment": it's not true, the only thing that counts is their short term benefit.
So we will be travelling to Managua, and for anything occurring to myself, my wife, or any of my two small children, I hold Iberia responsible.
Thanks a lot, Iberia - for nothing.
And yes, I know my ticket (like 95% of the tickets) is not refundable.
This is the worst service ever. I've had some issues with KLM last year (2017), which were properly investigated, and which resulted into an apology from KLM and voucher indemnisation, i.e. very proper and clean customer experience.
If you have the option to chose another airline, I recommend you not to fly with Iberia.
Yves Wijnants.

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