worst airline ever

worst airline ever

It started in Brussels where they refused to give me a boarding pass for AMS to DTW due to overbooking . She tells me , no problem , you get it in Amsterdam .
@ 11.40 I land , taxi to the airplane parking , get on bus 2 to the arrival hall taking up over 15 minutes . After a nice walk there is a huge cue @ passport control , Another 15 minutes gone . After this I arrive @ gate D3 where the guy managing the pre-screening tells me to go to the transfer desk around the corner to get a boarding pass as the flight is delayed , No problem ,he says . After mentioning the limited time @ the entrance of the transfer desk I get to the front of the line . unfortunately it takes another 20 minutes before the people in front of me are finally handled . No problem I think , it's 12.40 and with the 15min delay that leaves me with 25 minutes with the gate only 20 meters away . She tells me , so sorry , They just closed the flight . After 25 minutes I get a boarding pass for the next day and she says to go down to the arrival hall and get sorted out with hotel and so @ the service desk . When I get there another 15 minutes disappear when the guy finally says to me : you are too slow , it's your fault , you had over 90 minutes . O well in my world arrival @ 11.40 and departure @ 12.50 is 70 minutes but maybe this is different in Amsterdam . In any case he says to me I am therefore entitled to 0 and bluntly says " next in line , bye bye " . Never in my 15 years of travelling I have ever experienced anything like this .

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The very basics of commerce has eluded them

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